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Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said policyholders who were affected by Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Nicholas – and who might have to weather more storms before this year’s hurricane season ends – should file claims early and be “PREPARED TO FIGHT FOR THEM”.

The Ketry Law Firm will help you fight the insurance company. These insurance companies have legal teams that work in their best interest only. Without experienced representation, you may not receive the fair and just settlement for the damages to your home or business.  Level the playing field by contacting the Ketry Law Firm today.

George Ketry is a Louisiana Licensed Attorney that has a law office in St. Charles Parish for the past 5 years. George has also been an independent insurance adjuster for over 17 years and has worked for various insurance companies all over the country and has closed thousands of insurance claims. He is uniquely aware of the insurance companies claims processes, is very familiar with Xactimate, the estimating platform that most of the insurance companies use to estimate your damages, the time frames that are necessary to complete a claim, the hierarchy of insurance companies claim teams, additional living expense and contents adjusters, and how to read an insurance policy with an eye toward activating additional coverages that may be available to your particular claim.

Insurance companies are large corporations with unlimited resources, attorneys, adjusters, engineers, consultants, and claims professionals. George can help you even the playing field against them and hold them accountable for a fair and adequate estimate and payment for the damages to your home.

Dealing with insurance companies can be demanding, daunting, and sometimes frustrating, especially after a widespread catastrophe where all of our neighbors are effected. Insurance Companies are aware that most homeowners are not familiar with the claims process, and many of them have never filed a homeowner’s insurance claim. Some of these insurance companies use various tactics and strategies to try to minimize the payments to their insureds. These tactics include delaying a claim unnecessarily, not answering phone calls or emails from insureds, constantly changing field adjusters/desk adjusters, or requiring the homeowner to get multiple contractors estimates even when there are no available reputable contractors.

Louisiana law requires insurance companies to act in good faith during this claims process, and if they do not, you have the right to file suit for bad faith and recover the fair amount of the damages of your claim and possible penalties and attorney fees. The Ketry Law Firm can help you navigate this process and help you by holding your insurance company to their “promise” of paying a fair and equitable amount to you if your property is damaged by a covered event.

On February 11, 2022, Insurance Commissioner James Donelon issued Advisory Letter 2022-01 for Guidance Regarding Duties and Restrictions Placed on Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters duties and restrictions are governed by Louisiana Law and you should be aware of what services they can provide. There are many great Public Adjusters in Louisiana, and Ketry Law Firm strategizes and utilizes those resources according to the specific loss.

Every loss does not need a Public Adjuster, and your attorney should know when to employ those resources. The Public Adjuster fees will be deducted from your damage loss amounts, but may be recoverable to you by negotiations with your insurance company, but only legally negotiated by a licensed attorney.  Public adjusters cannot charge you a contingency fee and cannot negotiate on your behalf with your insurer.  Knowing when to bring in a public adjuster or building consultant is an important tool of your attorney, as well as knowing which Public Adjuster firm to bring in.

Yes! George can use his legal experience and years of insurance adjusting to offer the most cost effective representation.  George will explain the process to you and make recommendations as to the best strategy to use.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you on how you would like to proceed. There are no up-front costs, and if there is no recovery, then you owe nothing.  George is confident that if you have verifiable insurance coverage and verifiable storm-related damages, that he can hold the insurance company liable for the fair and just amounts to repair your damages.  Call today for your free insurance claim evaluation.

Hopefully, that is the case, but unfortunately it is not reality. After a loss, many people think that their Insurance Companies are going to automatically pay the fair and adequate amount for damages to their homes. Many times, they are mistaken. Your insurance company will send out adjusters, engineers, supervisors, contractors that represent their interests, not yours. You need to have someone to represent your interests, level the playing field, and fight for fair and adequate compensation for your damages.

“I have authorized or licensed over 7,000 new adjusters to do business in our state. When a catastrophe is declared I have the authority under our licensing law, we’re one of half the states that license adjusters,” said Jim Donelon, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner.

Many of the adjusters that have been estimating the losses in our area are brand new, have never taken any classes, and/or do not know how to investigate, estimate, or photograph a loss. Do you think that they have your best interest in mind? Ketry Law Firm will work for you, call today.

You should be concerned with rebuilding your home or business, not trying to navigate the insurance claims process, or trying to read your 70-page insurance policy to determine if something is covered. Let us help you by evaluating your insurance policies to determine all coverages available to you. We will provide your insurance company with a detailed line by line estimate with documented photographs and proper repair protocols. We can negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to fairly compensate you for your damages and hold your insurance company accountable for all of your damages.

As an experienced attorney and insurance adjuster, rest assured that you will have the best representation possible.  If you do not recover any fees, you will owe nothing.  The insurance companies are holding all of the cards and are making all of the rules.  If you do not have any experience with insurance claims and are not aware of the laws regarding claims dealing, you are at a severe disadvantage.  In some instances, we can ask for attorney fees and costs to be paid by the insurance companies.  So, yes, you can afford an attorney.  You cannot afford not to have an attorney represent your interests. Call today.

There are many choices of attorneys. If you do not think so, just listen to the radio, or get on Facebook.  Every Law Firm wants to represent your interests with your insurance companies.  Be weary of any firms that will just place you with a public adjuster and let that public adjuster run your claim.

At the Ketry Law Firm, you will get personalized attention from George in every step of the claim.  We may use a public adjuster on your claim, if that is a good strategy, after we discuss all of the options with you. Remember, you will be responsible for the public adjuster fees, in some form or fashion. George has the knowledge and experience to deal with your adjuster, desk adjuster, supervisor, or any person that is employed with your insurance companies.

If you have already cashed the insurance company’s check, we may still be able to help you. We can evaluate your claim for free and advise if we can help you recover more funds that you may be entitled to for the damages to your home. An insurance claim is a First-Party claim, and we may be able to help you supplement for additional or hidden damages. Also, depending on the situation, you may be eligible for additional funds due to the way your insurance company handled your claim. The free claim evaluation can answer these questions.


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