Local Ordinance Violations

Violations of City or Parish ordinances are dealt with in either a Municipal or City Court.

These Courts handle misdemeanor violations such as noise code violations, animal control violations, disturbing the peace, trespassing, and drunk in public to name a few.  Although these are usually minor infractions, these violations can result in either an arrest or the issuance of a citation to appear. In either event, an appearance in court is necessary to properly dispose of these matters. These violations can subject you to fines, probation, and incarceration.  Missing Court appearances and payments to the court can result in attachments being issued for your arrest and being held in jail until you can be brought to Court.  Early intervention by an experienced attorney can make the difference in the final outcome. You need an attorney you can trust and afford appearing for you at every stage of the proceedings, you need Ketry Law Firm protecting your rights and defending you as soon as possible.

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